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Layering My Summer Fragrances

Layering My Summer Fragrances

January '17 has been the month of layering fragrances, oils and body creams for a more dynamic, longer lasting summer scent. But spritzing random perfumes on top of one another can not only cause a major headache, but is also sensory overload. And there's nothing worse than feeling over-saturated when wearing a mix of overpowering perfumes. For me, layering fragrances is all about selecting the scents that work well with my skin, incorporating the right mix and finding the perfect match of fragrances for myself. And here are my tips when layering summer scents.

I Like To Keep The Layers Light
Single note fragrances of lighter scents are easier to layer. Really heavy perfumes that are usually worn in the evening, such as Chanel No. 5 and Tom Ford Black Orchid, are too much when combined with other scents and end up giving me a headache. I also take it easy on the number of times I spray the particular scent; just a couple of spritzes is better than drenching the entire body.

I Stay In The Same Fragrance Family
I try to layer scents that are in (or close to) the same family. Fragrances tend to fall into the categories of woody, floral, oriental, fresh and citrus. Vanilla and musk are also scents that work really well with most layering situations. Vanilla adds a sweet creaminess to other scents, musk brings out a spicy, sexy sultriness and citrus adds a bright, refreshing touch. And finally, I love combining fragrances that have a common note, like Gardenia. Or I try to combine two or more opposite scents, such as an amber or a spice.

Go Heavy First
When layering, I spray a heavier scent first so it doesn't overpower lighter counterparts. I like the combination of one spray of a heavier fragrance underneath two sprays of a lighter scent.

Layering Starts In The Shower
Layering scents doesn't just mean combining different fragrances together. It's also involves scented showers gels, body creams, lotions and dry body oils. And they all add an extra dimension to the overall fragrance.

Making The Fragrance Last
I always exfoliate the body and moisturise the skin to ensure the different layers of each fragrance last longer.

Play With Application
I love applying fragrances at the usual pulse points; the wrists, neck and decolletage. But if I want to make a bigger statement, I spray along the inside of my arms, mist my hair lightly and I apply a scented masculine 'boy' lotion to my arms and legs.

Always Wait An Hour
I always let the combination of fragrances sit on my skin for an hour or so, to see how it blends with my own pheromones.

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Love, Elle xo
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