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How I Plan To Stress Less In 2017

Hopefully 2017 will be the year I feel my healthiest, strongest self. Last year I felt really run down, and sickness is usually due to a worn down immune system and often the result of stress. When the body experiences a problem, it's a pretty good indicator that stress is involved and that it's time to re-alkalise the body's pH levels. I've been thinking about some practical ways to de-stress and help my body feel good again. Here they are:

1. Do More Yoga
Yoga plays a major role in decompressing the body and de-stressing the mind, so I want to do a few yoga session per week, whether it's doing classes at the gym or via Youtube.

2. Do More Cardio
In 2016, I found myself exercising less and stressing more. And we all know that cardio brings fresh oxygen to the body and clears the mind. Whether it's a 5 minute workout or a 45 minute cardio session, it's time to do activities that bring the heart rate up and get the sweat glands happening.

3. Increase My Intake of Water
The body needs hydration, hydration and more hydration. Although I'm generally very mindful of my H20 intake, I plan to increase my water levels in 2017 to keep the body running at its healthiest.

4. Get More Sleep
Getting eight hours of sleep is really important for the mind and body, and 2017 is the year for more regulated sleep. I always feel a lot better when I'm fully rested.

5. Drink Green Juices
Because green juices are alkaline, they regulate the body's digestive system, boost energy levels and re-balance the pH levels within the system. This is a must for me in 2017.

6. Decrease My Coffee Intake
I drink coffee. But it's way too acidic and too much caffeine is definitely harmful to the digestive system and can cause high levels of anxiety, headaches and the overall acidity levels within the body. Time to cut down.

7. Avoid Sugar
This one is super tough, but so crucial. I've learned that sugar causes me to become more stressed, more anxious and constantly out of whack. So I've pledged 2017 to be the year I cut sugar from my diet. Completely.

Time for the constant tension in my life to take a seat, and let calmness and mindfulness to take over.

Love, Elle xo
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